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Discontinued:  Please note that the McIntire Company no longer produces the DH-10 Dehumidifier.




Please note that these manuals are posted here to provide you with additional information to help you make an informed decision about your potential purchase.  For support and technical info, always refer to the most up to date manual that ships with your product.

    DH-10 Manual This is for the DH-10 an online manual


    Older version of the DH-5 Dehumidifier Manual 



Boat and RV Dehumidifier DH-5 DH-10 FAQ's.  Chances are your question can be answered here. or you can learn more by browsing the faq's section.

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    Older version of the DH-5 Dehumidifier Manual 




Learn more by browsing the faq's section.




See the online version of the


 Boat and RV DH-5-1 Manual 




1. Program for Mold Control in Your Boat or RV


2. Boat and RV Dehumidifier Uses - PDF only


3. 3 Steps to reduce moisture in your boat or RV


4. Comparisons: Includes
A. Features to look for in a dehumidifier for your boat or RV

     - our dehumidifier in our boat and RV section has been selected because it has all these features.


B. Dehumidifier Comparison

      -The Marine Advantage vs. name brand dehumidifier designed for home use from your Department store or home center.
      - For comparing marine products designed to remove moisture.


C. Table of Features DH-10 Dehumidifier features in a table form.

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