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New Revision to the DH-5 Dehumidifier The DH-5-1 is now the DH-10

New Look, New Design.

2 Major Changes


1. Cabinet: Powder coated steel cabinet with an all stainless steel base.
Color: the paint is a neutral beige color.

The cabinet is no longer stainless steel.
The cabinet is now a textured powder coated steel cabinet with an all stainless steel base.
The paint is a neutral beige color that will go with any décor and satisfy both industrial and consumer markets.


Any components that gets wet remain stainless, i.e. the coils, and the base.


Dimensionally the cabinet is slightly larger, i.e. it is .5" taller and .5" longer (slightly deeper from front to back)

There is no longer a single handle on the top of the unit. Instead there are two handles on the side of the unit. The two side mounted handles are flush with the cabinet panel.


New Look                                        Old Look

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2. New Drain Pan:

In the DH-5-1 moisture that condensed on the evaporator would collect in the drain pan in the front of the unit, and then flow out through the drain hose. Some water (albeit just a little) would collect in the drain pan first before flowing out through the drain hose.


The new design has the entire stainless steel base of the dehumidifier act as a drain pan. The base is tapered in 4 places to force water to drain though the center of the base and out the back of the cabinet. This design will be less prone to clogging and an added lip around all four sides of the base will prevent water that has accumulated in the dehumidifier base from spilling out of the side of the cabinet.


The result: water is collected and drained out more efficiently.




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