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Warranty Information

Warranty information is included in your product.  Please be sure to fill out and return it to the manufacturer a.s.a.p.

In the event that your dehumidifier requires service please do not return the unit to your vendor.  Contact the manufacturer first for instructions and/or to receive a return authorization.


You will need to provide the model number and serial number.


Manufacturers List


Discontinued:  Please note that the McIntire Company no longer produces the DH-10 Dehumidifier.

If you would like a dehumidifier similar to the DH-10 we recommend the

Dry Pal manufactured by Mermaid Marine http://www.mmair.com/marine_division/dehumidifiers/dry_pal_dehumidifier

Dry Pal PictureDry Pal

or the



CD30 Manufactured by EbacUSA www.ebacusa.com













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