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Winter Newsletter


Winter NewsletterCondensation is the biggest problem during the winter season.
Humidity condenses on cold surfaces and makes everything soggy.
At risk are liveaboards, houseboats, and motor coach owners.

 "Let our marine dehumidifier help you reduce condensation during this cold winter season."

PS We are in Winter Mode: For many in the Northern Temperate Climates this is the off season. Boats and RVs have been winterized and tucked away for the winter. But for many of you there is no off season. I'm talking about those of you in Live Aboards, Houseboats, and Motor Homes.  Find out how our dehumidifier will make living aboard this winter less soggy and more livable.  Check it out here..

No longer hot and sticky?  Just cold and soggy?  Feeling all wet?  Discover 3 Steps to Beating Condensation and Staying Dry this Winter.




Spring Newsletter

Spring NewsletterDepending on how well you winterized, some of you will find dust and grime and odors, and "God forbid" mold and mildew have flourished.

 "Let our marine dehumidifier help you beat the humidity, mold and allergy season this Spring"

PS Don't despair, we have put together a mold clean up process just in time for spring cleaning.  This is not your typical cookie cutter boat or RV spring cleaning checklist.  This is Spring Cleaning with emphasis on mold and mildew clean up in your boat or RV.  click here




Summer Newsletter

Summer Newletter

Three Steps you should take to reduce moisture in your boat or RV.

Boating and RV season is in full swing and its time to uncover and rediscover your pride and joy. Not so fast:
Humidity Problems?
Want to come home to a fresh smelling Boat?
Want to protect all that fine woodwork from high humidity?
Here are three steps you should be taking to reduce humidity in your boat or RV.



Fall Newsletter

Fall Newsletter

fall leafDehumidifiers and Ventilation not just for Summer Use but important for Fall use too:

Boating and RV season is winding down, but don't let your guard down with cooler temps and lower humidity levels.  Unexpected and extended period of warm, humid weather can create ideal conditions for mold and mildew growth in your boat or RVs interior.

Well, don't despair, we have put together a mold and mildew prevention program to employ during Fall.
Find out how continuing to use your dehumidifier will prevent unexpected surprises.
Emphasis is on using a dehumidifier to prevent mold and mildew during Fall.
PS this is not  a winterizing article